No Future vs. Bright Future ?

This blog entry is about the genre’s place in the music industry and the relationships within the hardcore punk scene now and then. It entails an exclusive interview with David Strempel, the co-owner of Coretex Records in Berlin.
I’ve created it as a podcast episode, follow the RSS link below to listen:

“We Must Believe”

In this post I write about some typical features of Positive Hardcore Punk by examining the song “We Must Believe” performed by Better Than A Thousand.

About Me

Hi, I’m Tijana, friends like to call me Teejay. I am passionate about Punk Rock and Hardcore Punk. I spend most of my days Drumming and Writing.
Former Political Scientist currently studying Music Business at SAE Berlin. This Blog is a just-for-fun school project about my favorite counterculture and music. Hope you enjoy it!

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